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    Welcome to the AESIR KINGS Dorm

    Shagon Kabuto
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    Welcome to the AESIR KINGS Dorm

    Post by Shagon Kabuto on Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:44 pm

    Hello everyone and welcome to the AESIR KINGS Dorm. As it says next to the picture of the three aesir gods on the front page this dorm is for the best of the best that the academy has to offer. Now this dorm will be split into three seperate sub dorms with three people acting as heads of those sub dorms. the sub dorms are "Odin Gold", "Thor Silver", and "Loki Bronze". The way to determine who gets into which dorm depends on your playstyle. If you like to battle your opponate from a pure strategical stand point then you would be paired into Odin Gold. If your deck is all about the powerhouses then Thor Silver is were you go. If you love to be tricky in your duels then you get to go in Loki Bronze. Now the requirements to get into AESIR KINGS are as follows:

    1. Must be good.

    2. Must duel at least three headmasters, 1 from each of the three dorms. DO NOT duel the same headmaster more then once it will not count if you duel the same one a second time. This is to ensure the three headmasters can judge your dueling powers

    3. Must defeat at least two of the three headmasters with at least 2000 life points or more.

    Those are the requirements to get in to AESIR KINGS. Also be sure to use your very best deck in the duels. I realize that, that statement should go without saying but its better to be safe then sorry right? Lol. Well I do believe that is all. Heres to looking forward to seeing who makes it into AESIR KINGS.


    Shagon Kabuto
    Headmaster of Thor Silver

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